Birthday Parties in Lockdown

6th May 2020

Birthday Parties in Lockdown


A birthday in lockdown does not mean it can’t be just as memorable and wonderful as any other birthday.  It may not be what you had planned or had envisaged but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a brilliant day. In fact you may look back and remember it as being one of the most memorable ones. You may even find some new birthday traditions to carry on too.

I’ve been working on lots of ideas for you to make that day as amazing and exciting no mater what age group.

Here are a few of my top tip to start with;

  • It’s all about the birthday person – make them the star for the day. Get them to make a wish list of things they would like to do. From activities, games, what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner to picking a movie to watch.
  • Get them to make a plan the night before so the the whole day mapped out as they want it to be
  • Maybe get them to pick a theme for the day. You can then work together to create decorations, games and meals to compliment the theme
  • Get family to send them small gifts or make an amazon wish list for them to pick something and send directly to the birthday person.
  • Why not ask family to make a video message and send it to you, for you to play to the birthday person on their birthday morning.
  • Use the wonderful technology around us to get family and friend involved in FaceTime catch ups or zoom parties
  • Get neighbours to put up banners or posters in their windows for the birthday person

For Younger Children

A teddy Bears picnic

Set out a table cloth or old sheet on the floor and set up the teddies for a party. Make little treats and sandwiches on plates on your picnic cloth. Why not hide the teddies all around the house first and have a teddy hunt to work up an appetite. There are lots of great teddy bear action songs on iTunes and Spotify that you could try out after your food or even just get a pop song on and have a teddy disco.

A superhero party

Why not make your own masks and cuffs as a pre party activity. Toilet roll inserts cut and decorated make great cuffs. Use some rolled up tinfoil for a kryptonite hunt. Find all the kryptonite and save them world. Super heroes need to keep up their strength so why not set up an obstacle course inside or in the garden. Sometimes it’s just as much fun planing and setting up the course as it is to do it. If you have some small superhero figures why not freeze the with water and gran the water pistols with warm water to free the hero’s and save the day.

A fairy party

My favourite thing to do for a fairy party is to make some fairy dust, You can make it with anything really but my favourite is some baby powder and glitter. You can then do spells, make magic moves and even turn people into frogs lol! If you don’t have wands and wings you could try making your own! Why not put some cushions on the floor and pretend they are toadstools, you could jump, hop, and skip around them or jump along on top of them. You could get the music on and play musical toadstools, taking one away each time. For a nice outdoor activity you could collect, sticks, leaves, grass and other small objects to create a fairy potion with water.

A Dinosaur party

A great way to start is with a dinosaur hunt, Hide dinosaur figures or pictures around your house or garden and hunt them all out. Or maybe a dinosaur dig? Put some sand in a box or tray. If you don’t have sand, crushed biscuits or even flour make a good alternative. Hide the dinosaurs in it, some mini bones or laminated bones to be dug out. Grab some balloons and pens and make some dino eggs. You can then use them to do a dino stomping disco with music and dinosaur moves(stomping, roaring, flying etc)

A Sensory party

A great one for 1st birthdays or a calmer party. Use sensory items like scarves, shakers, bubbles and space blankets. Play with each on individually, add music or sing songs and rhymes. Don’t forget to finish with happy birthday. Check out our blog on sensory items for more ideas

For older children

A baking party

Why not have a bake off with those in the house. everyone could pick something yummy to create and the birthday person gets to pick the winner and taste it all first of course. If they wanted to get their friends involved they could get them all to bake something and get together on zoom to show it all off – again the birthday person can pick a winner based on how they all look. If zoom isn’t accessible they could all send photos on a group chat.

A pamper party

A pamper party can be lots of fun. Grab all your toiletries and pamper goodies. Make everyone in the house hold join in. you could do face masks. There are lots of recipes online for home made ones too. Do each others nails, hair and even get some basins or bowls and soak your hands and feet. Get some relaxing salon style music on and maybe even some mocktails. Again you could do this as a zoom party with friends as you all do your own hair, nails etc together whilst catching up.

A disco

Grab some disco lights. The link below is the ones we use and they are fabulous. Get the birthday person to create their favourite play list or get everyone they know to give music suggestions. You could do this with your household or again via zoom. You could try games like musical statues, the elimination game or just dance and groove to your playlist.

A sleepover party

Obviously you can’t have a sleepover with friends at the moment but you can have a family one. Turn your living room or another suitable room into a big den with mattresses, pillows, duvets and anything else you can find. Watch movies, grab the popcorn and sweets and have a chillaxed time. You can use the share screen option on zoom to again invite friends and all watch the same movie via the screen share and then have a catch up afterwards.

For Adults

A room crawl

My daughter turned 18 recently and this is how we celebrated. We turned each room into a different themed pub. So we had a wild set bar, a Mexican themed one and a disco room. We invited friends on zoom and told them ahead what the themes would be so they could grab some costumes or props. Each room we had themed food and drinks and a game. We did a hunt with the first letters of the birthday persons name, we did a ‘who knows the birthday person best quiz’, and a follow along line dance from YouTube with the screen share option. You could do any themes and games you liked.

A zoom quiz/games night

Quiz nights are always lots fo fun, you could theme them on the birthday persons interests or even on them. Music quizzes, general knowledge etc all work well too. You could have fancy dress, drinks and food all to match your quiz theme too. Or you could do other games like dance offs, Charades or even Pictionary using the white board in zoom.

A Cocktail/Mocktail party

Who doesn’t love a cocktail/mocktail. Make some recipe cards and get everyone in the household to create different ones or have a competition to see who can create an original and tasty one. The birthday person can pick a winner. Again you could take it online and send everyone recipe cards to create together online.


And if this all sound like too much work why not get Bambeenies to arrange your online party for you? We do the games, music and keep everyone entertained online while you sit back and enjoy. Contact us for further information.

And finally, try to enjoy this time to spend uninterrupted together. Make the day as special as you can and don’t sweat the little stuff.

We hope you have the best party ever and enjoy xx




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