Self Care for Mummies

25th May 2020

Self Care for Mummies Mums are busy creatures who tend to put everyone else’s needs before their own. They usually end up at the bottom of their own priority list. And by the time we reach the bottom of the list we are often too tired or worn out to tend to our own self […]

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10 Paper plate craft animals

13th May 2020

10 Paper plate craft animals The humble paper plate can give you hours and hours of crafty fun time! Its so exciting to see how many different animals you can create with limited craft supplies. Turn on your imagination, grab your supplies and come join us to get creative! Foxy Time To create your fox, […]

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Birthday Parties in Lockdown

6th May 2020

Birthday Parties in Lockdown   A birthday in lockdown does not mean it can’t be just as memorable and wonderful as any other birthday.  It may not be what you had planned or had envisaged but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be a brilliant day. In fact you may look back and remember it […]

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Ways to play with your newborn

2nd May 2020

Ways to play with your newborn Having a new baby is exciting, amazing, overwhelming, scary……..and everything in between. It’s a rollercoaster journey. So, you have this new little person, you are home and you are rocking the feeding, changing, bathing etc. But what do I do with this little thing? Should I be playing with […]

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Tummy Time Activites

Tummy Time Activities Tummy time is one of babies very first exercises. It is also a very important one. Tummy time is the when, during their waking moments that they spend time on their tummy. It is crucial for a number of reasons; Development of the neck, shoulder and back muscles Prevention of positional plagiocephaly(flat […]

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High chair Activities

High Chair Activities The high chair is a wonderful thing! Contained for 5 minutes while you cook tea or make a cuppa and you know exactly where they are. You can move the high chair next to you so they safely play and you can keep a watchful eye. Win Win!! As well as giving […]

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Singing with Babies

25th April 2020

Singing with Babies Singing and talking with your baby from the very beginning aids bonding, speech and language skills and it can have a  calming effect for you and baby. It could be part of a calming bedtime routine or a fun activity any where, any time.  Using songs and rhymes as part of your […]

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Beach Ball fun!

24th April 2020

 Beach Ball fun!   A small inexpensive beach ball – who would have thought it could have so many uses and developmental benefits!! We love using the beach balls in our classes. Especially in the baby class for some tummy time. Actually we don’t love getting them all blown up before hand lol!! There have […]

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Postnatal Depression and Me

22nd April 2020

Postnatal Depression and Me   In this unprecedented times, the world around us has changed and continues to change on a daily basis into something we have never experienced before. With the uncertainty many feelings of anxiety and overwhelm can rear their heads. As a new parent, be that first time or a seasoned one […]

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Bubble Time

 Bubble Time Bubbles have to be one of all time favourite play items. Simple, easy and lots of fun for all ages. With babies I love how they are mesmerised by the falling bubbles and with toddlers and older kids how it excites and creates such magical moments. Bubbles also come with a huge amount […]

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