Fun in the Snow

8th February 2021

Who’s been having fun in the snow these last few weeks? It’s been so lovely to see all ages out enjoying the snow, walking, sledging, making snowmen!! Especially at a time where stresses are all around us and the world holds so much uncertainty. Releasing some endorphins as you wander and enjoy the view, fly down the hill on a sledge or just sitting back and watching the family play, laugh and have fun.

If you are getting a bit tired of snowmen and sledging I’ve got some fun ideas for you to try out while the cold snap lasts. All tried and tested and guaranteed to be loads of fun.

Snow Painting

I used small squirty bottles like you would put oils or perfumes in but big water bottles or spray bottles on any kind can work. Mix part water and part paint and give it a mix. We experimented with weaker and stronger paint/water ratios for even more fun. Then find some snow and get creative. Paint a picture, make a pattern, jazz up your snowman or even play noughts and crosses. How far will your imagination take you?

Snow Angels with a Twist

We all love to make a snow angel….don’t we! Well why not take this fun and funky twist on your snow angel. Once you have laid down and wriggled around to create your snow angel then stand up and grab your paint spray bottle from above and colour in your angel. You could try it with different shapes and even just lying down and standing right up again to create a human shape.

Ice Marbles

This is one of my all time favourite things to do….EVER!! You will need balloons and water. Fill your balloons with water, don’t make them too big and then take them outside and bury them in the snow. Leave them over night and come back too see if they have frozen into a marble. Parents, if you think its not going to go below freezing through the night then take them inside and pop them in the freezer to give them a helping hand. Check out the video below for more tips and tricks.

Ice Marbles with a Twist

Why not add some food colouring or even some small dinosaurs, lego figures or anything else. Always add the items first and then water if you don’t want to get very wet!!

Snow Volcanoes

I did this for the first time last week and it was soooo much fun! You will need a plastic cup or small container, bicarbonate soda, food colouring and vinegar. First create your volcano – pop the cup/container on the ground and build up the snow around it to create a volcano. Don’t let the snow go in the cup. Then add 3-4 spoons and bicarbonate to the cup and a few drops of food colouring. Then pour in the vinegar and stand back and watch your volcano erupt. As with any good experiment you can try out different quantities of each ingredient to see which will give you the best eruption.

Watch Bubbles freeze

This one only works when the temperature is below freezing. Grab some bubble solution and blow some bubbles to see them freeze. Try catching them back on your wand. Adding a little glycerine to the solution can help them last longer without popping too.

Snow Treasure Hunt

This one will require some preparation ahead of the kids coming outside. Grab some treats or balls/blocks. Hide them in the snow around your garden and sit back and watch the hunt begin. For younger children you can make the hiding places more obvious, for older kids you can bury or hide in trickier places. Or why not give them some clues to follow/read to find the items.

Catch a snowflake

Lets a add a little mindfulness to this list. Why not take a few minutes just to lie, stand or sit in the snow with your little one(or even by yourself) and just be present. Listen to what is going on around you, feel the snow land on you or catch it on your tongue. Taste it! Just stop and enjoy a few moments, minutes or more.

Build a fort

This one requires a little more patience so great for slightly older kids but everyone can get a job and help out. Plastic containers like ice cream boxes work well. Fill them with some and push it down to compact it them turn over and knock out to create bricks of snow. Can you make a fort and house or something else?

What other fun activities have you been up to in the snow? I would love to hear about them on our facebook and Instagram pages.

Why not check our the Bambeenies Academy for lots more play ideas.



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