Let’s keep connected…..and P.A.R.T.Y

20th April 2020

Online Chats, Groups and Parties



We have been thrust into this crazy world of lockdow. And staying connected with loved ones, friends and and family has never been so important. For many reasons staying connected is so important.

  • For our own mental  and physical health and those around us
  • To help us navigate these uncertain and often stressful times
  • To enable us to maintain love and affection and maintain relationships

……….just to name a few reasons.


Isolating, being out of your routine or being tempted by triggers can have a severely negative effect on our mental health. Worry and the anxiety of what’s going on in the world and stressing over family and friends health and well being can all contribute to the decline in our mental health.

These uncertain and stressful times can effect a range of cognitive and physical symptoms such as changes in sleep patterns, insomnia, appetite and digestive issues, low energy and motivation.

And especially those isolating alone the lack of physical contact can cause many issues too. Physical touch can be a great stress reliever and releases the hormone oxytocin which is effectively the love hormone, reducing stress and calming us. Without that touch we can see decreased immune responses, low moods, depression, low energy levels and  less motivation.

SO, its super important to stay connect however we can!! We are so lucky that in this day and age, as we are flooded with technology that can help us keep in touch easily and allow us to have some fun doing so. Things like Zoom, face time,  social media platforms, etc all provide us with the opportunity to create group or one to one chat spaces. Check out some of my ideas for utilising these, and having some fun at the same time.


Why not create an online mother and toddler group

Catch up with a cuppa and let the children interact online or just play around your space whilst you catch up with mummies. You could have themed sessions doing crafts, baking together or taking a class. Why not ask Bambeenies to help you?

Do Online Classes with friends

There are lots of great online classes fo all ages. From Joe Wicks PE classes to interactive museum tours. Bambeenies are offering weekly classes and one  to one of group classes on demand. Check out our Facebook page to find out more or get in touch

Mummy Chats

Why not catch up with a cuppa or cheeky glass(bottle) of wine when the little people head to sleep. A chance to exchange ideas, have a moan, celebrate your wins or just chat crap lol!!

Exercise Classes

There are mega amounts of fantastic businesses out there offering workouts, why not join them together or grab a YouTube video and share it on zoom for you all to follow along. My friends and I are meeting Wednesday and sundays to do yoga together via zoom. It keeps me accountable, motivated and I love catching up with them all at the same time.

Themed Parties

So far I’ve tried a few of these with friends and its been lots of fun. We had a beer and bingo night using these bingo cards and a big caller app. Remember to brush up on your bingo lingo ahead of time lol! We also had quiz night where everyone set up a different rounds. We are trying a Pictionary night using the whiteboard on zoom next week so I’ll let you know how that goes. Other ideas are escape room quizzes, I found this Harry Potter one, which would be lots fo fun if you all dressed up too! I do love Harry Potter!

Room Crawl

My daughter recently turned 18 and obviously given we are in lockdown couldn’t go on the customary pub crawl so we had a room crawl with family on zoom. We had a different themed pub in each room, along with fancy dress, and different drinks(non  alcoholic versions too!) It was lots fo fun and everyone really embraced each room change with their own decorations, fancy dress and even zoom backgrounds.

Simple hello are you ok chats

Don’t underestimate the simple FaceTime, zoom or other face to face chat where you can interact and just check in with a friend, family member or even neighbour. Check they are ok, give them a space to talk and check in on them mentally and physically.


Stay safe, stay well and stay connected






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