Tummy Time Activites

2nd May 2020

Tummy Time Activities

Tummy time is one of babies very first exercises. It is also a very important one. Tummy time is the when, during their waking moments that they spend time on their tummy. It is crucial for a number of reasons;

  • Development of the neck, shoulder and back muscles
  • Prevention of positional plagiocephaly(flat head)
  • Builds strength needed for sitting, crawling and walking
  • Promotes gross motor skills

Tips for Tummy time success;

  • Pick your time – if baby is too tired or hungry they will not want to participate
  • Keep it to small intervals to start with and build it up
  • Use a rolled towel, cushion or blanket under their arms and chest to help if they don’t like being on the floor directly
  • Use distractions like small toys in front of them – we have some ideas below
  • Get down with them so they can see and hear you
  • Massage their back or feet to relax them
  • Don’t stress if they dome like it. Small intervals of a minute or so throughout the day is enough to start with.

Ideas to make Tummy time fun time!

    • Tummy time doesn’t have to be on the floor. take them on your tummy as you lay down, put them over your legs or use a beach ball or exercise ball. Check out our blog on Beach ball uses for more ideas
    • Turn off the lights and add some sensory lights like the foam batons below or other light ups in front of them or take them over your legs and place it under them at the side of your leg.
    • Using a baby safe mirror under them can allow them to be curious of what they see, it can distract and allow them to relax and enjoy the time more. Check out the link below for mirror suggestions
    • Paint bags can also work really well. These are messy free – unless sharp little nails claw them ha ha!! Easy to make and can be used sitting as well for more fun. Check out how to make them here
    • Small toys or books work well to keep them busy and engaged whilst on their tummy.
    • Place different types of materials under them to add a sensory experience too. Different textured blankets, materials or even space blankets(again see the link below)

Light Batons

Baby Mirror

Space Blankets

My main piece of advice is not to worry or stress about it. Not all babies love tummy time but with some perseverance and some imaginative ways to make it more exciting you can totally do this.

Good luck

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