Tummy Time – Bambino of the Week

4th February 2013

bambino of the week - tummy time week 2Thank you Ella for showing us the importance of tummy time and enjoying a sensory experience all in one – oh and being a cutie too!!

Tummy Time is important for many reasons. It helps promote muscle tone in your child’s upper body, neck, arms, hands and fingers. This strength will prepare them for crawling as well as getting them ready to push up, roll over and eventually to stand. It also promotes visual development – where your child adjusts the focal length when moving their head and body position. It can also be a time for you to spend together strengthening your bond.

Here are some ways you can make tummy time fun;

  • Simply lie on the floor next to your child or in front of them and sing them a song, talk to them or even read them a short story
  • Lie next to them and play with a toy – talk to them about it, how it feels, what noise it makes etc
  • Lie next to them and stroke there back, head and even parts of their face teaching them body awareness
  • Lie on your back with your child on top of you (stomach on stomach) talk, sing or show them a toy.
  • Roll your child on a beach ball or exercise ball. This can be very relaxing and will encourage muscle tone, spatial awareness and balance.
  • Lay them across your lap and sing them a song or stroke their back.

NOTE – even if they don’t like it at first be persistent, distract them with sounds, toys and touch. Little and often is the key.

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