Wah or Yah the summer holidays are over!

22nd August 2018

So, this is the look of a frazzled mum (with mega amounts of filter – it was just too bad without!) who has made it to the end of the summer holidays.

Now, I’m not going to lie, yesterday I did not think I was going to make it!  There was dragon screaming (you know when its so bad there is nearly fire coming out!), tears, deep breathing, under breath swearing and even a locking myself in the toilet moment.

BUT, I did it! And so did all of you!

Today is an emotional day for many, but usually for different reasons. Some of you may be sitting reading this right now with a large vodka congratulating yourself, jumping around for joy and so you should – YOU DID IT!  Some may be inconsolable as their baby is off to high school or primary 1 or nursery or just because they can’t believe you made it through the holiday – and that’s all ok too – YOU DID IT!!

Some of you will be in-between these scenarios but again – YOU DID IT!! 

Now, having my baby heading into high school today (and just incase you were wondering I’m the vodka jumping mum) and my other two into S3 and S5 I’ve done this back to school gig a number of times now and there are a few things I’ve learned.

Are you ready for me to impart my wisdom? Actually its probably less wisdom and more the ramblings of a vodka fuelled bimbo but here you go:

You Are Doing Better Than You Think!

You didn’t get the 5 million things done on their bucket lists this summer, eh so what! Really, who ever does.  The guilt we pile on ourselves because we didn’t get some rocks painted and hidden or we didn’t make it Unst – REALLY!!  Come on mammies, I guarantee you, you did lots of exciting things with your bairns, bearing in mind that they don’t need as much as you think they do.  You did better than you think. You are no juggling clown unless of course you are a juggling clown, which is wow what a cool job!  Anyway, most of us are not juggling clowns (boo!) and to get through the holidays with everyone alive, fed and happy, well – you are doing better than you think!

You know, some holidays I would put them back to school with the ‘YES, I am bloody supermam, we did the full bucket list, we’ve been hundreds of places, we’ve created culinary delights in the kitchen etc etc and they would come home with their jotter and the story of ‘THEIR SUMMER’ and it would say ‘I had the best sumer ivir, we plaid on da compooter and I got a ice creem from da ice creem van’. ARE YOU BLOODY SERIOUS!!!

And as for this summer, well three teenagers has been an absolute delight – NOT!!!  No day trips to beaches or bonding time, the closest to that was the two hours I spent screaming at them to get out of their beds as it was lunchtime. But, we communicated and we did it together (sarcastic tone turned to full volume here)

Anyway, my point is – you are doing better than you think!

You Can’t Stop The Clock

As you stand and watch your baby skip off to school/nursery today, I know a lot of you will be wishing you could make time stand still. Where has our baby gone?  Can time not slow down time or make it stand still?  You want to keep them this size forever!

NO, it can’t stand still – sorry to burst your bubble. And really, when you think about it, you don’t really want it to. Right now, you think awww I want them to stay like this forever but really, stop and think about it. Yes they are at an adorable age, yes it exciting and wonderful – unless you have a teenager and then really not so much!  But, each new stage is exciting, each new age brings new skills, new adventures, new challenges and after all we created these little humans so they could flourish and grow into independent young people.

Embrace each stage, celebrate each stage (again not so much the teenager one), congratulate yourself on creating such fantastic little people.  Tick tock, let that clock go, whats coming next? Be excited!!

Unless You Are Supermam, Give Yourself A Break

We all start the school year with such great intentions. Homework always done with care and precision, all letters read and actioned immediately, lunches made the night before with snack in the bag, gym kits always remembered, everyone up early ready to leave in plenty time and lunch money always paid on time. Just please note this will not last!!

You will convince yourself it will, you will be adamant. You may even write rotas and reminders so you will get this right but I can hand on heart say you probably won’t. Some days I’m lucky if my kids make it to school never mind with gym kits, lunches or permission slips but they are there. As for lunch money, well I’m pretty sure that the primary school office girls had a small party when they realised they wouldn’t have to ever chase me again for a Teale child’s lunch money. I really should have provided the vodka, I think I owed them that much.  So, give yourself a break!! Do what you can do, we are only human and forgetting a note or being late with lunch money isn’t the end of the world (ok maybe if you are the office lady who I tortured by never getting it – I really am sorry).

I believe that wasn’t much wisdom but it made me feel better (or maybe that’s the vodka). So chin up mammies and daddies, you are doing better than you think you are, you are creating independent, wonderful little humans and its ok not to be the perfect parent, its ok to give yourself a break and its ok to open the vodka at 9am on the first day of school.

Just in case anyone sees me driving later on, I haven’t really been on the vodka yet ha ha!! I’m saving it for bedtime lol.


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