10 Paper plate craft animals

13th May 2020

10 Paper plate craft animals

The humble paper plate can give you hours and hours of crafty fun time! Its so exciting to see how many different animals you can create with limited craft supplies. Turn on your imagination, grab your supplies and come join us to get creative!

Foxy Time

To create your fox, fold in a small section on each side to create the fox snout. We added a small black circle for the nose but you could draw it on too. Try popping a little folded tape or some glue to hold the flaps down. We then coloured the centre area orange with pens but you could use paints, crayons, or glueing orange paper or tissue. Don’t forget to give him some eyes……..and a name of course.

Flutter Butterfly

This is one of my favourite plate crafts to make. Its just so beautiful and will look amazing on the wall or in your window. You will need an A4 piece of paper of card to create the body. You can decorate the body and the wings with a mixture of supplies. We used some textured paper cut into squares for the wings. To creat the wings cut your paper plate in half. You can leave it like that or add a fancy edge. Why not take your flattery Fluttery butterfly for a fly around the room when you are done.

Fishy Heaven

A lovely easy one. Cut a wedge from the plate and then glue or tape to the opposite side of the plate for the fish tail. I think the fish would look great with some foils, sequin or other shiny materials to really capture the essence of the sea. How about making a few different fish and then create an under the sea background.


                                                         Roaring Lion

This is a great way for little ones to practice their cutting skills. Cut around the edges of the plate for a lovely lion mane. We used pens to colour the mane and face but you could use paints or other materials. Make sure you give him lovely big eyes and definitely remember to practice your lion roars.

Slippery Snail

The snail is brilliant for tiny hands and minds to let their imaginations take over. The plate is the snail shell and really could be decorated in many ways. I’ve seen some lovely sticker ones done but my favourite was tissue paper squares. You will need to cut the snails head and tail from card or paper and attach it too. Why don’t you pretend to be a snail too and slide around the floor.

Mr Penguin

How cute is he? Some simple folds creates Mr Penguin with ease. It’s then up to you how you colour his head and wings black. Colour his little beak and cut out some feet to complete the look. I love a penguin walk and my favourite penguin song is ‘The Penguin Dance’ by Pinkfong.

Crabby Crab

You cold add mr crab to your fishy scene from above. Start by folding your plate in half to create his body. You will need some paper or card to cut his nippers and legs which can be glued or taped on.

Hoppity Frog

Again you start with folding your paper in half. This time you will need to colour the inside of the plate as the inside of the frogs mouth. We curled some card for his tongue and glued it inside. We used an extra plate to cut some shapes for his eyes and glued them to the top. How good are your frog jumps? Why not try them out once you are finished.

Slithering snake

This one is a little tricky so you may need to help younger children with the cutting.  Start at the edge a cut in a swirl into the middle. We added a small piece of paper for the snakes tongue and then we used pens to create lots of spots all over our snake. What shapes could you add to your snake?

Ellie the Elephant

Cut a section form the top and bottom of the plate. Use one of these but outs as the elephants trunk. Glue or take this into the centre. Ellies ears can be decorated in many ways. Paints, pens……what are you going to use? And once you are finished don’t forget to check out another of my favourite songs. ‘Elephants have wrinkles’ by the Tumble Tots.





I hope these give you lots of ideas and you have as much fun as I did creating them.

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Good luck


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