Five ideas for playing with feathers

20th April 2020


Feathers are a lovely way to connect and play with your baby. It’s a very simple and cheap prop and you can many benefits and hours of fun!



Number 1 – Speech and language development. Start by discussing the feather with your little one, how it looks, what colour it is, how it feels? This is a great way to interact and develop speech, language and communication skills with even tiny babies.


Number 2 – Body part recognition. Go from body part to body part moving the feather on different ways and directions. Going soft, hard, slow and fast. As you touch each body part say the body part name. ‘Oh look I’m ticking your toes!’ ‘Let’s find your tummy!’ And so on. This enhances spatial awareness and fosters body awareness as well as developing those speech and language skills too.


Number 3- Follow their lead. Watch for their cues. Did they like the feather on their back or legs? Where did they react the most and more positively? Head back there and use a little song. Like round and round the garden or Roly Poly. Make up your own songs and rhymes.

Number 4 – Hide your feather. Work on memory and recall skills by hiding and recovering the feather. For small babies move out of their view or pop behind your back. Add in a tickle on their tummy on return or other body parts. For older babies hide them under a small blanket, tub or basket for them to find.

Number 5- Blow your feather. Place the feather in your hand and blow it to your little one. Let them watch it float to the floor. This exercise develops and supports their eye tracking. How their eye muscles develop, move and track objects. Hold it above them and let it float down to them. As they get bigger you can encourage them to blow it back or catch it.

BONUS ACTIVITY- Lots of feathers. Place lots of feathers on the floor or in a sensory tray. Place your baby lying or sitting to explore, feel, touch and watch how the feathers move. As they get bigger you can hide things among the feathers for them to find. Lift the feathers and throw them up, again developing eye tracking but also fostering their natural curiosity.

Grab some feathers
Grab a sensory tray
The feather may be small but it’s a mighty tool for play, fun and development. You can find lots more play ideas at the Bambeenies Academy.

Check them out HERE

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